Getting Around

Getting around town can easily be done without a rental car. We have train lines that run throughout the city. Once in Denver, you can connect to other areas of the Denver Metro Area, including downtown and the airport.

Denver’s bars are mostly located near downtown. Some of the bars are close to the light rail lines. For example, the Denver Wrangler is located across the street from the 30th and Downing St. Station. Others, such as Charlie’s Denver, X-Bar, and Trade, are located within a mile or two of the light rail. A typical Uber or Lyft ride will be approximately $5-10 one way from the hotel.

Public Transit

For guests flying into Denver and who do not wish to rent a car, commuter & light rail are affordable options to get to the hotel from Denver International Airport. It’s only $9 from the airport to downtown and takes 37 minutes.

There’s also Light Rail lines that spread throughout the city for easy access to other areas of town. Including the D line that takes you to the Wrangler. And we have a good bus system that can get you around.

Ride Share

If bowlers prefer, they can always take an Uber or a Lyft from the hotel to the bowling houses, which would cost $20 or less (estimated) depending upon the house.

It also costs between $5 and $10 to get to any of the nearby bars.

Rental Car

For guests flying into Denver and who do wish to rent a car, there are a number of car rental companies to choose from. The approximate travel time is 40-45 minutes during non-peak hours.